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White Pelicans, Great Egret, Solitary Sandpiper, Gray Catbird, & Pine Warbler (audio)

This morning Benjamin Wilson's sister Louisa said she had seen a Gray Catbird at their Sherman Twp. home yesterday, which is a New Early Arrival date in Mason County. Also, a Gray Catbird was seen yesterday in Manistee County by Linda Scribner.

Late this morning I tape recorded a fast-singing Pine Warbler near the dam at LSP that might be mistaken for a Chipping Sparrow. Next, I went to the PM marsh and relocated Brian's Great Egret in the shallow north channel of the PM River east of the PM Hwy. bridge. A bit later Brian found a Solitary Sandpiper at the Pentwater WWT facility in Oceana County.

Then around 2:12 p.m. Dr. Cooney and Brian saw a flock of 17 American White Pelicans flying over the PM marsh and then disappeared. Then about a half hour later Randy Dougherty relocated the Pelicans on PM Lake between Copeyon Park and the Father Marquette Memorial and boat launch (later seen by Mark Wloch plus Linda and Chuck Scribner. 


AWPE Individuals by Month
Download PDF • 182KB

Pine Warbler (fast), LSP, 4.19.24
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