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Where Eagles Dare #204

In case some of you are unfamiliar, March Wolch is a local "birder" in Mason County. He and his wife own a beautiful home and 2.5 acres on the bluffs of Lake Michigan. He moved into his home in November of 2019 and almost immediately started a property list. He named his property (on E-bird), "Where Eagles Dare" after a song by the punk rock band, The Misfits. Marc has seen extraordinary birds in the few years he has lived in this house. The list is quite impressive, seeing birds like, Yellow breasted Chat, Prothonotary Warbler, White Pelicans, Eurasian Collared Dove, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Fish Crow, and many many more! In fact he has broken 200 species on his yard list, and just got #204 yesterday 5/2/2024. Bird #204 was a Sedge Wren.

A Sedge Wren is one of the many Wrens that we can find here in Michigan. Sedge Wrens nest/breed in wet grassy fields or shallow marshes. The don't prefer the tall cattails like their relative the Marsh Wren but they do prefer very thick and dense habitat. These are shy birds and prefer to stay hidden while they eat, there insects, arachnids, larvae etc. A sedge wren will build serval different nests in it's territory and allow the female to choose which one she likes best. Once she has chose which nesting ball she likes best the male will put extra padding in it to make it extra safe and cozy.

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