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The "Modern Birder" has all kinds of advantages to get a large year list. With ones smartphone you gain access to all of these different websites or apps. It is because of the wide use of technology that people are breaking records for most birds seen in a year, month, day, or even a lifetime. I have listed a few of these apps and websites below incase anyone is interested in giving it a try.

Smart Cast - shows the estimated number of birds that flew over specific areas or regions during the migration seasons.

Ebird - created by Cornell University to help track the populations and migration patterns of bird species. It is also very useful to keep digital copies of your own personal list for different, counties, states, countries, and world. You can also register for different "rare bird reports" too. That is pretty nice to use as well.

Merlin - The Merlin App has been both a good and bad thing. It is used to help identify birds by songs/calls, and by pictures. It is not always accurate though. Birders need to use it wisely and cautiously. Do not rely on Merlin alone to identify the birds around you.

Discord - This is now being used by a lot of "birders" in Michigan to report and follow rare birds in the state or in different regions of the state. This can be quite tricky to download and sign up for, so I have created a user guide to help get the readers of this blog a Discord account! Click the link below to use the guide!

Discord Instructions
Download DOCX • 1.41MB

Good birding to you all! Enjoy the Scarlet Tanager that was seen during the youth hike in June.

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