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New Bird Species in Mason County by Year

I can only attach one file to each post. So, this will be part one of two.

NEW BIRD SPECIES by YEAR in Mason County 1
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When I moved here the last couple days of March 2008, I began with the informal LSP bird list (which included archaic names and typos). I then began adding new species that were not rare but simply were missed without previous thorough surveys across the county. My extensive work during the last year of the Breeding Bird Atlas II project was informative to begin understanding the local avifauna from a strategic coastal county within the narrow Tension Zone belt (an overlap zone of the hardwood forest to the south & the boreal forest to the north).

I just did a thorough search on eBird as well as my monthly paper records from 2008 to the present to create a table of New Bird Species by Year. I also created a histogram that shows the numerical number each year. By the way, from around 2008 through 2014 Chris Lipps and myself were the most active birders, but since then we have many more such that we just had back-to-back years with 4 new species (in 2022 & 2023). The future discovery of new species is exciting ! Who can predict species #321 ?


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