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New American Wigeon Maximum ! + Snowy Owl


Just past noon today Brian Brosky texted me that he had counted at least 126 American Wigeons on upper Hamlin Lake off Victory Township Park, which set a New Daily Maximum ! (previously 102). Later I checked out Lost Lake at Ludington State Park and counted another 8 AMWI, for a new maximum of 134. Then I heard from Brian that there were many more AMWIs on Bass Lake, but he had to move around the lake for better vantage points. As of 4:00 p.m. Brian had counted 67 AMWIs on Bass Lake but then had to rescue an injured Snowy Owl on a small beach by a lakefront owner nearby. The Snowy Owl appeared to be malnourished, so Brian will make some calls to determine who and how to get it to a vet and rehab facility. Anyway, the New Maximum ended at 201 AMWIs, nearly doubling the previous record.

Just another field day for Conservation Officer Brian Brosky !


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