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LSP Owling

What started as a chase for rare gulls at Ludington Harbor, ended in an evening picnic with Little Caesar's and an Eastern Screech Owl for company.

Yesterday, I went with my brother Benjamin to look for some rare birds at the Ludington Harbor to no avail. However, while our eyeballs watered and suffered the attacks of brisk west winds, we received a call from some siblings to meet them at the Ludington State Park to go hiking. After thawing out just enough to answer that we would meet them there, we legally sped over to the PM Marsh and quickly found two Great Blue Herons on the west side of the PM Highway before heading over to the LSP.

Great Blue Heron

Once meeting with our sibs, we hiked along the Sable River on the south side. At this point, it was getting dark, and Benjamin began whinnying like an Eastern Screech Owl. Imagine our surprise when one actually answered nearby! Our excitement soon turned to ecstasy as the owl flew in right by the trail and offered silhouette views as it whinnied in response to Benjamin's calls.

The evening only got better when, as we were eating Little Caesar's Pizza at the Hamlin Beach House picnic area in the dark, Benjamin called in yet another Eastern Screech Owl and this time we were able to shine a light, find the owl perched in the lower white pine branches, and snap some photos.

"Who are you??"

Although we were glad to see him, the owl's expressions soon showed he wasn't too excited to see us and, succumbing to his stern gaze, we hurriedly left the park soon after.

Whenever you find yourself eating Little Caesar's in the dark at the LSP, stay alert. An owl could be watching nearby and longing for an invitation to join the party. All you have to do is give the owl a call.

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