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Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Updated: Jan 5

Today was the long expected annual Christmas Bird Count for Ludington, Michigan. Teams of birders spread out over the designated Count Circle and tallied birds despite far from favorable cold and snowy conditions.

Northern Cardinal

Location observed: Section C

Our team undertook the important duty of covering Section C of the Count Circle. In other words, our final compiled list consisted of Black-capped Chickadees and the occasional Northern Cardinal as seen above.

Although birding in the woods protected us from the frigid winds, large flakes of beautiful snow never failed to land on eyes that were wide open, scanning trees for any sign of movement.

In the end, our group managed to find and record 22 species of birds from Section C. Despite the low bird numbers, our spirits were high that day because we were able to spend time as a family and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Those are two factors we try to include on every bird count.

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