FW: Black-crowned Night-Heron, Black-billed Cuckoo, Philadelphia Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat (Day 2)

From: David Dister Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 8:03 PM To: Dave Dister Subject: Black-crowned Night-Heron, Black-billed Cuckoo, Philadelphia Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat (Day 2), etc.


Late last evening an adult Black-crowned Night-Heron was seen by Drs. Zane Knoer and John Cooney along the Big Sable River east of the M116 bridge, and was relocated this morning by Brian Brosky around 8:00 a.m..

Around 8:40 a.m. this morning Mark Wloch got an excellent photo of the reclusive female Yellow-breasted Chat at his Summit Township property: Day 2. He also saw a Common Nighthawk, which broke the previous early arrival of May 16th. Later in the day Mark placed a bird bath at the YBCH spot in the hopes the bird would be more visible, especially if thirsty. Soon a male Redstart arrived and took a quick bath. Other migrants are finally showing up on these warmer days. In the morning at Ludington State Park I found two Orange-crowned Warblers and a male Wilson's Warbler in alders along the sculpture trail. I then walked the paved loop northwest of the dam and was rewarded with a rather tame Black-billed Cuckoo. I hear both species of cuckoos more than see them, and a visual of the rarer BBCU is a bonus. In mid-afternoon Mark found a rare Philadelphia Vireo (new early date by 1 day), plus a Black-throated Green Warbler, a Blackburnian Warbler, and a Black-and-white Warbler. Lastly, Brian Brosky in mid-afternoon found some Golden-winged Warblers and a hybrid Brewster's Warbler along Sippy Road.


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