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eBird -- Ludington SP -- Apr 06, 2024

Birding friends,

here is a list of birds seen on the Ludington Statre Park bird hike Saturday, April 6  as reported by Sawyer Dawe.  Dave Dister provided the photos.  The wind remained northerly so this may have held up the movement north of our warbler and neotropicals.  I expect once the wind shifts from a southerly direction we will start seeing and hearing of lots of new arrivals.  The next week is predicted to warm up so get out there and let us know what you are seeing.  Thanks a million to Dave and Sawyer for a great morning. 


Ludington SP

Apr 06, 2024

9:31 AM


5.17 miles

181 minutes

All birds reported? Yes


X Canada Goose

2 Wood Duck

14 American Wigeon

12 Mallard

2 Redhead

20 Ring-necked Duck

10 Bufflehead

2 Hooded Merganser

36 Common Merganser

6 Red-breasted Merganser

2 Mourning Dove

30 Sandhill Crane

3 Killdeer

3 Ring-billed Gull

5 Turkey Vulture

1 Red-bellied Woodpecker

2 Eastern Phoebe

X Blue Jay

X American Crow

5 Black-capped Chickadee

1 White-breasted Nuthatch

3 Red-breasted Nuthatch

2 Brown Creeper

1 Winter Wren

X American Robin

2 House Finch

1 Pine Siskin

2 American Goldfinch

1 American Tree Sparrow

1 Dark-eyed Junco

X Song Sparrow

1 Red-winged Blackbird

1 Brown-headed Cowbird

X Common Grackle

Number of Taxa: 0 

This is a complete list of the birds that were seen on our hike today. 



Joe Moloney

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